Parish Council Minutes


Present: Councillors: J Fell (Vice Chairman), P Hill, R Spooncer, P Nuttall and A Gdaniec (Clerk)

Apologies J Costin (Chairman)

Minutes of previous meeting dated 25th January 2013 read, approved and signed.

Matters Arising:

Telecom Cable Works

Cable laying through the Village. P.Hill reported that the condition of the verge and drainage ditches needs addressing. J.Fell agreed to send a letter to the PCC and Vtesse Networks asking them to rectify the damage. P.Hill also reported that residents of Stamford Road were not willing to plant any daffodil bulbs along the verges in the Autumn, the contractor (Vtesse Networks) have paid for a few sacks of bulbs.

Parish Precept.

PCC precept for Marholm 2013/14 has been cut by 32%. MPC have proposed and agreed to raise it to £1000 as a minimum to make up for shortcomings.

This has been raised to £16.22 for the year 2013/14. This increase will mean that the PC is financially sound for the period.

Hire of VH for Parish Council meeting. It was agreed that MPC pays for the use of the hall in future on a fixed fee basis (£10). J.Fell to request an invoice from Village Hall Committee.


Letter from Vtesse Networks Ltd. J.Fell to respond (see above). A cheque for £100 received for daffodil bulbs with apologies and without liability and as a final settlement of claims in this respect.

Peterborough City Council’s formsof “Parish Councilor’s Interests” have been filled in by MPC Councillors and  delivered to the Town Hall.

CPALC Affiliation Membership £65.16 (to be paid by June 2013)

Audit Audit Cimmission have appointed Littlejohn to act as a District Auditor for Marholm. MPC Clerk and MPC internal auditor (A.Armitage) will submit MPC records of accounts for submission by 10 June 2013.

Financial Statement:

A cheque for £100 from Vtesse was paid into MPC Barclay’s account 5th February 2013.

Bank account as of 5th April

Current Account £292.56

Deposit Account £402.22

Total                   £684.78

Signing of cheques

£65.16 CPALC Affiliation fee(due by June 2013)

£10.00 hire of Hall

Any Other Business:

Village Hall. Concern was expressed over the future of the Village Hall.

After some discussion it was agreed that:-

a)There should be a meeting of all who are interested in supporting continuance of the Hall as facility for the village. These would include representation from the Village Hall Committee, Friends of Marholm Society, Marholm Parish Council and any residents of the village who might haave suggestions.

b)J.Fell had done a brief survey of how other villages support their village hall. Some villages make a contribution to their hall running costs by raising money through the precept. With declining hall rental income this could be a way of covering part of the heating, lighting, cleaning and insurance costs. A letter to villagers to be drafted and discussed at the next meeting.

Date of Next Meeting:

There being no other business the Chairman closed the meeting at 6:30pm and the date for the next meeting was set for 17th May 2013 at 6pm in the Village Hall.

Following the meeting the verges discussed in matters arising were inspected.