Parish Council Minutes





T Hawkins (Chair)

P Nuttall (Councillor)

G Haythornthwaite (Councillor)


S Welch (Councillor)

P Hill (Councillor) 

A Gdaniec attended as the former Parish Clerk to hand over his responsibilities

Minutes of the last meetings:

  • Minutes of the May MPC Meeting has been accepted and signed by J Costin (former Chair) and A Gdaniec (former Parish Clerk)
  • Minutes of the 5th September MPC Meeting were accepted at this meeting and signed by T Hawkins (Chair)
  • It was agreed that the minutes will be posted on the Village Noticeboard and the Village Website going forward

Protocol of the MPC Meetings:

  • It was agreed that all MPC Councillors will be referred to by their first names in their roles as councillors. For T Hawkins and G Haythornthwaite they will be referred to as the Chair and the Clerk respectively when they are fulfilling these roles.

             Election of the Parish Clerk:

  • PCC has confirmed that MPC can elect one of its councillors to perform the role of Parish Clerk subject to that councillor not being paid to do the role.
  • G Haythornthwaite has put her name forward. There were no other nominations on the night and no applications to the notice placed on MPC noticeboard on Sunday 15th September 2013.
  • G Haythornthwaite was confirmed as temporary Parish Clerk and this will be confirmed at the next MPC Meeting when the other 2 councillors are in attendance.
  • T Hawkins has checked and confirmed to the meeting that the Insurance does cover a councillor undertaking the role of the Parish Clerk.

MPC Administration:

  • It was agreed that any expenses incurred by the Parish Clerk will be reimbursed against receipts.
  • Correspondence for MPC will now be to: Marholm Farmhouse, Woodcroft Road, Marholm, Peterborough, PE6 7HU
  • An email address to be set up on the Marholm Village website for villagers to use to send messages to the MPC: parishcouncil +at+
  • The MPC to purchase a pay as you go mobile phone for villagers to use as another way to contact the MPC.

Previous Clerk’s Expenses:

  • It has been noted by the MPC that the HMRC arrangements that were agreed in respect of Al Gdaniec whilst he was Parish Clerk were done to support Al and to ensure that any payments made were treated as expenses and not income.


  • The 3 new councillors signed the forms declaring if they had any financial interests at the last meeting and they have now been sent to PCC 
  • It was agreed that there would be 3 councillors that could sign bank cheques on behalf of the MPC and that there would need to be 2 signatures on each cheque. T Hawkins, P Nuttall and G Haythornthwaite all signed the necessary forms at this meeting. Chair to send off to the bank after the meeting. 
  • Chair to send off forms to PCC to confirm MPC has 3 new councillors after the meeting


  • Agreed to continue with the current insurance provider and pay the premium for one year. A cheque for £162.80 was raised and signed to be sent off to the Insurance Company after the meeting.
  • Parish Clerk to send letter to the Insurance Company introducing herself and send the cheque.

MPC Areas of Responsibility:

  • Following the transfer of the MPC filing cabinet to the new Parish Clerk, a review of what the MPC is responsible for in the village to be completed. This includes the map of the village and areas that the MPC is responsible for.


  • To be held in the Village Hall on a Thursday evening at 7pm

John Holditch:

  • He has requested that the MPC pass a resolution to send him a copy of the draft minutes so that he can provide more support. This was passed.
  • Letter of thanks to be sent to J Holditch from the Chair for his support


Thanks to the Retiring Chair, Councillors and Parish Clerk:

  • It was minuted that the MPC wanted to thank the retiring Chair (John Costin), Councillors (Jim Fell and Reg Spooncer) and the Parish Clerk (Al Gdaniec) for all their hard work and commitment to the MPC and Marholm Village over many years.


  • The MPC has received £100 from the contractors to buy replacement bulbs for the verges. It was agreed that Jim Fell could arrange for these to be purchased on behalf of the MPC.
  • Once the bulbs have been purchased the MPC will need to call on villagers to help plant the bulbs along the verges.

State of the Verges:

  • Chair to forward email to all councillors regarding this. Item to be discussed at the next meeting.

Presentation Night

  • It was agreed that the MPC wanted to arrange a presentation for the outgoing Chair, Councillors and Parish Clerk to thank them publicly for all they have done for the MPC. Combined it is over 70 years of service! It was agreed that this should take place at the start of the Conker night on 11th October – subject to agreement from the Village Hall Committee. This will also be an opportunity to introduce the new councillors. Chair to arrange this.

Carried Forward

The following items on the agenda have been carried forward to the next meeting:

o   How we do the precept

o   State of the verges post fibre optic cables

o   State of the footpaths in village and towards the crematorium

o   State of the bridge over the brook near Hour House

o   State of lamppost outside Hour House

o   The unacceptable activities in public along Hurn Road

o   Neighbourhood Watch

o   Anything more we can do to slow the traffic down through the village

o   Litter picking

Date of next meeting

Thursday 31st October 2013 at 7pm in the Village Hall.