T Hawkins (Chair)Peter Hill (Councillor)
P Nuttall (Councillor)G Haythornthwaite (Councillor)
Sue Welch (Councillor)

1.Minutes of the last meeting
These were agreed and signed as a true record of the last meeting

2.Confirmation of the appointment of the new Parish Clerk
Gillian Haythornthwaite was confirmed as the new Honorary Parish Clerk

3.Parish council mobile phone
The MPC now has a Pay as You Go mobile phone which can be used to contact the Parish Councillors on matters relating to the village. A new Sim card has been purchased by Christopher Haythornthwaite at a cost of £6 and the MPC has agreed to re-imburse him this cost.

The mobile number is: 07857 142857

4.What constitutes Marholm Parish?
The MPC agreed that it needs to understand the Marholm Parish boundaries and the common land that it is responsible for – Tim Hawkins

It was also agreed that the MPC needs to find out what if anything Peterborough City Council will pay for in Marholm – Tim Hawkins

5.MPC Finances
The Bank Mandates need a final signature from one of the previous signatories in order to process the change in authorised signatories – Tim Hawkins

The Bank Statements need to be reviewed to check the current bank situation – Tim Hawkins

6.The Precept
It was agreed that the Precept should be kept at the same level as last year.

A draft budget and forecast to be produced for the next meeting for review by the MPC – Gillian Haythornthwaite

7.Village Verges
The contractors have given the MPC money to purchased replacement bulbs for the verges. It is proposed to plant these bulbs on Saturday 16th November 2013 starting at 2pm – all villagers to be invited to join in the planting. A notice to be placed on the village notice-board and on the website – Gillian Haythornthwaite

8.Village footpaths
The MPC will write to the Peterborough City Council Highways Department to complain about the state of the footpaths on the road from Marholm to the Crematorium on the left hand side. These need to be repaired otherwise the MPC will hold Peterborough City Council responsible.

In addition, the MPC wants to raise the issue of the speed reduction lines on the roads entering the village which have been tarmacked over and need to be put back – Gillian Haythornthwaite

9.Bridge over the brook near Hour House
This has been raised with Peterborough City Council and they are planning to send someone to assess this.

10.Lamppost outside Hour House
This has been reported as unsafe and has now been repaired

11.The unacceptable activities in public 
These activities are taking place on Woodcroft Road and Hurn Road. Villagers are now fed up with this and want something to be done about it. They are either taking place on the verges or on Milton land in the entrances to their fields / on the concrete hard stands.

A letter to be sent to both the Peterborough City Council and Milton Estate to ask them for advice on how to tackle the issue – Gillian Haythornthwaite

12.Neighbourhood Watch
The MPC is considering a re-launch of the Neighbourhood Watch scheme. To start with they are going to find out from Reg Spooncer the current situation with the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme – Peter Hill

13.Slowing down the Traffic 
The last speed check that was carried out in the village did not find that there many people driving significantly above the speed limit. However, this is still a major concern for many people in the village. The MPC agreed to find out from Mike Atkinson what the situation is with this as he was involved last time. The MPC will then decide on any further action – Tim Hawkins

14.Litter picking
It has been noted that Marholm has been excluded from the rubbish collections carried out by Peterborough City Council. This is the rubbish in the verges, on the roads etc. A letter to be sent to Peterborough City Council requesting that this service be re-instated – Gillian Haythornthwaite

15. Armistice Day, Flags and wreath
Al Gdaniec has kindly offered to do the honours again this year for this Remembrance Sunday.

16.Adoption new village benches
The Council has formally adopted the 2 new benches donated by the FOMs.

Date of the next meeting is Thursday 16th January 2014 at 7pm in the Village Hall.