Marholm Parish Council WOW 

Ways Of Working


Key Dates:

January                                                            Parish Council Meeting

March                                                               Parish Council Meeting

31st March                                                        Year End

April                                                                  Notice of date for the Exercise of Electors’ Rights

1st March to 1st June                                       Annual Village Meeting

May                                                                  Annual Parish Council Meeting

June                                                                 Annual Return

July                                                                  Parish Council Meeting

September                                                       Parish Council Meeting

November                                                        Parish Council Meeting


WOW (Ways Of Working)

  1. Marholm Parish Council has 5 elected Parish Councillors and a quorum is 3. Voting will be by a show of hands and passed by a minimum of 3 Parish Councillors in favour.
  2. Parish Council Meetings will be held every 2 months in line with the above
  3. A draft agenda will be posted on the village notice board and the website 3 working days before a Parish Council Meeting. AOB can be raised at the meeting and discussed if there is time. If time is short the item will be carried forward to the next meeting.
  4. Draft Minutes of the Meetings will be published on the website and the village notice board within 7 days of the meeting date by the Clerk.
  5. Villagers* are welcome to attend the Parish Council Meetings, however they do not have the right to speak at these meetings unless invited to do so by the Chairperson:
    1. There will be 15 minutes at the start of each Paris Council Meeting where Villagers* can speak.
    2. Villagers* can talk to the clerk or to the chairman at the start of the meeting, and identify an agenda item they wish to speak about. When the agenda item is reached the chairman can invite the Council to "suspend standing orders" i.e. stop the meeting and allow the Villager* to speak.   
    3. Villagers* need to keep this brief and to the point. Parish Councillors can reply to questions raised. 
    4. The chairman will then resume the meeting and the council will debate the item. Villagers* are not allowed to participate in this debate but can be questioned by the Parish Councillors.
  6. The Annual Village Meeting will be held between 1st March and 1st June each year. A draft agenda will be posted 10 working days before the meeting. All Villagers* will be invited to attend and participate.
  7. The Annual Parish Council Meeting will be held in May each year. The agenda and minutes will sent out in line with the Parish Council Meetings.


Villagers* = anyone living in the Parish that is on the Register of Electors