Re-dedication of War Memorial Planning Meeting – 3rd January 2020

Present: Gillian Haythornthwaite, Bella Craven and Sue Welch

  1. 1.Event is taking place on the 23rdMay 2020 from 11am to 3pm
  2. 2.Proposed agenda and timings:

11.00         Re-dedication at the War Memorial              David Ridgeway

                  One-minute silence



National Anthem

11.15         Village Hall and Music

11.45         Talk on WW1 names of the War Memorial   Bella Craven

12.00         Rolling Film-show                                           Sue Welch

13.00         Medley of songs from WWI and WW2          Will Craven

13.15         Rolling Film-show                                           Sue Welch

14.00         Talk on WW2 name on the War Memorial    Bella Craven

14.15         Music plays

  1. 3.Last Post Trumpeter – it would be good to have this as part of the rededication. Need to find one – Gillian Haythornthwaite
  2. 4.Advertising:
    • ·One-page flyer to be circulated around the village - Gillian Haythornthwaite
    • ·Facebook –Sue Welch
    • ·Peterborough Evening Telegraph nearer the time –Bell Craven
  3. 5.Residents and descendants/people connected to the war memorial are to targeted first and then wider nearer the time dependent on numbers.
  4. 6.Numbers – to get an indication of numbers of people likely to attend, they will be asked to register their interest by emailing the Parish Council.
  5. 7.Food – savoury buffet lunch to be provided by the Parish Council. Talk to Michelle Plant and see if she is interested – Gillian Haythornthwaite
  6. 8.Donations:
    • ·Cakes from residents
    • ·Tea and coffee – Gillian Haythornthwaite
  7. 9.Helpers needed:
    • ·Volunteer door person / meet and greeters
    • ·Servers for tea and coffee
    • ·General helpers

Email the village for volunteers – Gillian Haythornthwaite

  1. 10.Music of the time to be played in the background - Chris Haythornthwaite
  2. 11.Film-show to be put together – Sue Welch
  3. 12.Memorabilia on display:
    • ·Display boards with photos and information – Bella Craven
    • ·Ask residents if they have anything they can put on display (cleared labelled) - Gillian Haythornthwaite
  4. 13.Bella’s book will be on sale during the event. Cost between £10-£15 – Bella Craven
  5. 14.Al Gdaniec – how can we get him involved? Ask his daughters – Chris Haythornthwaite
  6. 15.Apply for a flyover – Sue Welch
  7. 16.Peterborough Museum – can they lend us any artefacts to display? – Sue Welch
  8. 17.Decorate the village hall with bunting. Village hall has bunting that can be used.
  9. 18.Arrange to have the flag raised on the day - Gillian Haythornthwaite
  10. 19.Village sign restoration – chase up what is happening to ensure this is done in time - Gillian Haythornthwaite