T Hawkins (Chairperson & Councillor          Peter Hill (Councillor)

P Nuttall (Vice Chairperson & Councillor)    G Haythornthwaite (Councillor & Honorary Clerk)

Sue Welch (Councillor)


Election of the Chairperson

  • Tim Hawkins was proposed by Gillian Haythornthwaite and seconded by Sue Welch – and duly elected for 12 months. Declaration of acceptance of office signed and witnessed at the meeting.


Election of Vice Chairperson

  • Philip Nuttall was proposed by Peter Hill and seconded by Tim Hawkins – and duly elected for 12 months. Declaration of acceptance of office signed and witnessed at the meeting.


Election of Honorary Parish Clerk

  • Gillian Haythornthwaite was proposed by Tim Hawkins and seconded by Sue Welch – and duly elected for 12 months. Declaration of acceptance of office signed and witnessed at the meeting.


Apologies for Absence

  • There were no apologies for absence.


Declaration of Interest from Members

  • All members have completed and signed the Register of Parish Members’ Financial and other Interests Form and returned to the Parish Clerk.


Minutes of the last meetings

  • The minutes for the last Parish Council Meeting on 17th March 2016 were agreed and signed as a true record of this meeting.


Minutes of the last meetings

  • The minutes for the Annual Village Meeting on 14th April 2016 were agreed and signed as a true record of this meeting.


Review the Financial Statement for 2014/2015

  • The Financial Statement for the year ended 31st March 2014 was reviewed:

                  Opening Balance                                             £ 3297.47

                  Precept                                                            £ 711.27

                  Precept                                                            £   0.00

                  Bank Interest                                                   £   0.00

                  Less Expenses                                                £ 570.83

                  Closing Balance                                              £3986.91

                  Defibrillator Donations                                    £2003.00

                  Defibrillator Cost                                             £2020.00

Financial Statement approved by the Council

The Annual Governance Statement 2015/16 was approved by the Council


Appointment of the Internal Auditor

  • Roy Armitage was appointed as the Internal Auditor


Council Asset Register

The following items are on the Council’s Asset Register:

                  Wooden Noticeboard

Village Sign

                  Metal Bench

                  4 x Wooden Benches



Meeting Dates


Parish Council Meeting                                                    7th July 2016

Parish Council Meeting                                                    15th September 2016

Parish Council Meeting                                                    17th November 2016



Parish Council Meeting                                                    12th January   

Parish Council Meeting                                                    16th March

Year End                                                                           31st March

Notice of date for the Exercise of Electors’ Rights           April 

Annual Village Meeting                                                    13th April (1st March to 1st June)

Annual Parish Council Meeting                                       11th May

Annual Return                                                                  June

Parish Council Meeting                                                    6th July           

Parish Council Meeting                                                    14th September

Parish Council Meeting                                                    16th November



Castor Development

Steve Collins (Head of our Area) from the Homes and Community Agency (HCA) attended the meeting to provide information on the proposal that they have put forward to develop the land near Castor and Ailsworth, North of the A47.

Key points of the HCA proposal:

-        Area called Great Kyne and the land is owned by the HCA

-        To create 4 new villages with 3500 to 5000 houses

-        Each village will have 800 to 1000 houses and they will be a mix of high quality executive style houses plus starter homes in line with government policy

-        Secondary and primary schools are part of the plan

-        A47 access will need to be improved. A technical and capacity study will be carried out by the Highways Agency to decide on any solutions to traffic issues

-        There will be some form of pedestrian crossing to link the two sides of the A47

-        They are looking for the proposal to suit local needs and to include local views in the design


This is a proposal to gain approval for this land to be allocated for development as part of the Peterborough Local Plan. It is not a planning application.

This is the start of a statutory process that will take a long time. These are the main steps and the expected timescales:

-        Further Draft Local Plan public consultation                         July/August 2016

-        Proposed Submission public consultation                  February/March 2017

-        Submission                                                                  May 2017

-        Independent Examination                                           September/October 2017

-        Inspector’s Report                                                     December 2017

-        Adoption of the Local Plan                                        February 2018


Ward Councillors, Cllr John Holdich and Cllr Peter Hiller both attended and made the following points:

-        Peterborough has assessed its housing needs and there is a requirement for 16,000 houses over the next 10 years. Currently it has 12,000 houses in its land bank, so there is a need to find land for 4,000 more houses

-        The PCC has to have 5 years worth of land in the bank at an one time – it has 6.22 years at the moment

-        There are other areas of land that are being considered for development along with this one – so it does not mean that the PCC has to agreed to this to meet their housing targets

-        Milton Estate have put in a proposal but this is on the east side of Peterborough and it would be to develop land next to an existing urban area


Residents and local interested parties that attended the meeting raised the following concerns:

-        Increase in traffic along Castor Road to Marholm which could increase risks to riders, drivers and residents

-        The traffic management needs to encourage traffic away from Marholm and not towards the village

-        Drainage – the village has had issues before. A drainage plan will be required to ensure that there is no increase in flood risk to the village.

-        Loss of countryside and the affect on areas like Castor Hanglands

-        This is land that is in the green belt and not an extension of an existing urban area. This type of development is not supported in the Local Plan

-        The land was bought with public money and should be for providing housing for ordinary people

-        It is not a foregone conclusion that this will be accepted. Local residents need to get behind the current Local Plan which protects the countryside and green belt

-        Quite a number of the residents present were against this development completely


Parish Council have agreed the following:

-        The Parish Council will represent the views of residents

-        We will provide information to residents to raise their views and concerns through the formal statutory process. This will be through the PCC Planning Portal

-        Residents need to engage with the Parish Council and this process to ensure that the views of Marholm are heard loud and clearly.


Date of the next meeting is Thursday 7th July 2016 at 7pm in the Village Hall

If any Marholm Resident has something they would like to raise with the Parish Council, please Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.